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More Diesel Yield

Market demand for diesel is growing. Optimized process integration and innovative technology from UOP can effectively and efficiently increase your diesel yield from every barrel of crude.

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More Value Through Integration

Integrating your refinery and petrochemicals production assures a consistent feedstock supply and processing efficiencies while introducing new opportunities to produce high-value products and grow your bottom line.

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More Feedstock Options

There are multiple routes available today to address growing markets for energy, fuels and petrochemicals. UOP innovations help you take advantage of geographically-favorable, cost-advantaged and renewable feedstock options to produce high-quality products.

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More Return from your Investment

Using your existing assets to their maximum potential is critical in mature markets. UOP solutions help you respond to shifting product mix while optimizing performance, energy efficiency and emissions.

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    Honeywell's UOP Technology and Equipment to Support Mistral Midstream's Natural Gas Production in Canada

    Mistral Midstream, Inc., has selected Honeywell’s UOP Russell modular equipment to recover valuable natural gas liquids (NGLs) from natural gas produced in southern Saskatchewan, Canada...

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    Honeywell's UOP Technology, Modular Equipment to Help Pakistani Refiner Meet Growing Gasoline Demand

    Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL) will use process technology and modular equipment from Honeywell’s UOP to help PRL meet growing domestic demand for gasoline.

    The technology will help PRL convert naphtha, which it currently exports, to high-octane gasoline. PRL will use Honeywell’s UOP Penex™ process technology to produce isomerate, a high-value gasoline blending component...

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    Honeywell's UOP To Supply Its 1,000th Hydrogen Purification System

    UOP announced the award of its 1,000th system for purifying hydrogen, which is being installed at Ruwais Refinery, United Arab Emirates, and operated by the Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (TAKREER). The UOP Polybed PSA system will recover and purify hydrogen for TAKREER’s Carbon Black and Delayed Coker Project to meet the increasing need for clean transportation fuels...

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