Honeywell Green Diesel™

Honeywell Green Diesel, a superior “drop-in” renewable diesel product can be blended in any proportion with petroleum diesel and has excellent stability and cold-flow properties.

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A compatible & sustainable fuel option

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UOP leverages 90+ years of refining technology experience to make real alternative fuels from various biofeedstocks.

We commercialized the UOP/Eni Ecofining™ process to convert non-edible, second generation natural oils to Honeywell Green Diesel™, a drop-in diesel fuel for use in any percentage in your existing fuel tanks.

Because it’s chemically similar to traditional diesel, Honeywell Green Diesel can be used in today’s tanks, pipelines, trucks, pumps and automobiles without infrastructure changes.

The benefits of Honeywell Green Diesel include:

  • Lower emissions — up to 80% less compared to petroleum diesel
  • Indistinguishable from petroleum diesel
  • Requires no changes to fuel infrastructure or vehicle technology
  • Can be blended in any proportion
  • Stable, not oxygenated
  • Superior cold-flow properties — more suitable for very cold weather conditions
  • Higher energy content per volume compared to biodiesel

UOP/Eni Ecofining™ process services may include:

  • Consulting services
  • Engineering and design services
  • Training services

UOP’s process technology to produce Honeywell Green Diesel is industry-leading around the globe. We have agreements in place with China, India and Masdar in the United Arab Emirates for biofuel development projects that will utilize our Ecofining process along with Honeywell Green Jet Fuel technology to introduce new energy solutions and develop new biofuel economies. 

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A Better Option

Honeywell Green Dieselis superior to both petroleum-based diesel and Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME)-based diesel, or biodiesel.

Green Diesel vs. Biodiesel

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