Honeywell Green Jet Fuel™

Honeywell Green Jet Fuel powers the first-ever transatlantic biofuel flight showing emissions reduction and lower fuel consumption

A Honeywell-operated Gulfstream G450 became the first aircraft to fly from North America to Europe with a 50/50 blend of Green Jet Fuel and petroleum-based jet fuel. The flight saved approximately 5.5 metric tons of net carbon dioxide and the engine with the biofuel blend burned around 20 gallons less fuel.

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On-spec, flight proven & available today

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UOP has developed and commercialized technology that converts non-edible, second-generation natural oils and wastes to Honeywell Green Jet Fuel that meets all critical specifications for flight and reduces your greenhouse gas emissions.

Developed under a grant from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, now the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency-Energy, our process to produce Green Jet Fuel is a feedstock-flexible solution that converts a wide range of sustainable feedstocks like algae or camelina into high-quality, on-spec renewable jet fuel.

Honeywell Green Jet Fuel offers several advantages:

  • Drop-in replacement fuel at a 50% blend requires no changes to fleet technology or fuel infrastructure
  • Made from non-food, second generation feedstocks that don’t interfere with food, land or water resources
  • Meets or exceeds all critical jet fuel specifications
  • Has shown higher energy density in flight, which will allows aircraft to fly further on less fuel
  • Can offer a 65 to 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions relative to petroleum-based fuels

Our Green Jet Fuel has successfully powered a number of biofuel demonstration flights successfully proving that this fuel meets all aircraft specifications without any aircraft modifications. In each demonstration, the engine with Green Jet Fuel performed just as well, and in some cases better than, the engines with petroleum-based fuel.

Today, UOP produces green fuels from a variety of second-generation, biological feedstocks at a toll manufacturing facility to support product testing and certification.

To learn more or to request fuel processing, please contact us.

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Flight proven

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Partnering with the U.S. Government, aviation leader Boeing, aircraft original equipment manufacturers, airlines from around the world and biofeedstock suppliers, UOP is taking the lead in proving that Green Jet Fuel produced using our advanced processing technology is a viable solution to address energy independence and emissions reductions.

Our Green Jet Fuel has successfully powered a number of biofuel demonstration flights proving that this fuel meets all aircraft specification without any aircraft modifications.

To date, UOP has produced more than 1 million gallons of biofuel for the U.S. Military and commercial aviation partners.  Using the data collected from these flights and other Green Jet Fuel testing, ASTM International approved aviation biofuels made from natural oils for commercial flight on July 1, 2011.

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This ongoing research, combined with flight tests, is supporting international certification of sustainable biofuels for flight. By late this year or early 2011, we anticipate ASTM International, a recognized standards body, will approve the use of sustainable biofuels for regularly scheduled commercial flights.