Gas Processing

Enabling gas monetization

A global leader in gas processing technologies, UOP has been creating world-class solutions for the natural gas industry for more than 60 years. We are committed to providing the most efficient and effective solutions on the market today for monetizing gas by removing contaminants, purifying gas streams and producing value-added products. 

UOP’s gas processing technologies focus on contaminant removal and Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) recovery and have been optimized for a number of gas processing applications: on-shore and off-shore natural gas conditioning, treating, and NGL recovery, LNG pretreatment and synthesis gas purification. UOP offers a range of tailored, advanced solutions to address processing needs, from straightforward single-unit operation, to highly integrated, multiple technology operations.

In addition to purifying gas, our hydrocarbon management portfolio has expanded through preferred marketing alliances with Twister B.V. and Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. and the recent acquisition of Thomas Russell Co. (n/k/a UOP Russell), a leading provider of technology and equipment for natural gas processing and treating. The UOP Russell line offers a broad range of key technologies and modularized packaged plants enabling shale and conventional natural gas producers to remove contaminants from natural gas and recover high-value natural gas liquids used for petrochemicals and fuels. UOP now offers the most complete line of hydrocarbon management solutions in the industry.

Hydrogen production/management is a critical requirement of increasing refinery hydroprocessing activity, petrochemical processing and solid fuel gasification. Whether it is hydrogen management/optimization in the refinery, petrochemical facility or gasification complex, hydrogen production over the fence, or hydrogen as an industrial commodity, UOP’s PSA and membrane technologies are often key to minimizing hydrogen costs.

Learn more about our natural gas and hydrogen process solutions:

Natural Gas Field Treating – Purely improving process economics

Large Onshore Gas Plants – More efficient, more profitable onshore processing

Offshore Gas Plants/FPSO/FLNG – Integrated, flexible and compact designs for offshore processing

Liquefied Natural Gas – Removing impurities for liquids recovery and liquefaction

Synthesis Gas Treating – High value products and ultra low sulfur

Hydrogen Purification – High purity and high reliability