Unity™ Hydroprocessing Catalysts

Honeywell UOP Unity hydroprocessing catalysts offer tailored performance through our vast lineup of hydrotreating, pretreat and hydrocracking solutions. UOP can customize catalyst loading strategies for the key performance results you’re looking for.

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Unity™ Hydrocracking Catalysts

A world-leading supplier of hydrocracking catalysts, Honeywell UOP inaugurated the use of catalysts in the refining industry in 1931. Our catalysts are universal — regardless of the equipment or type of hydrocracking technology you’re using, you’ll get the optimal catalysts for your hydrocracking operation.

Each Honeywell UOP catalyst loading strategy can be tailored for the key performance results you’re looking for — whether your goal is diesel, middle distillate or naphtha. Our global experience, commitment to research, rigorous manufacturing specifications, and more ensure that you’ll have the product quality you need and the reliable supply you want.

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Hydrocracking Catalysts

Honeywell UOP offers the most versatile catalyst portfolio — because we’re heavily invested in the success of our customers, we never stop innovating.

We can tailor your catalyst solution to meet your unit’s key performance needs — whether your goal is diesel, middle distillate or naphtha. Our catalysts have been loaded into two-stage, single-stage and recycle operations around the world, and Honeywell UOP pretreatment catalysts can unify your entire solution.

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