UOP equipment maximizes process performance and reliability while minimizing time and cost during project implementation

Together with process design, catalyst, adsorbents, and technical services, UOP equipment provides the final piece in our overall technology transfer package. Our expertise in research and development, process design, mechanical design, and fabrication bring value to our customers in several key areas:

  • Solids/liquids transport and distribution
  • Specialized controls
  • Specialized membrane and adsorbent systems
  • Modular unit supply

The technology and know-how behind UOP equipment maximizes process performance and long-term reliability in areas with unique synergy between the process and equipment. We are committed to providing quality, cost- effective products and systems with on-time delivery

CCR Platforming / Oleflex Equipment

UOP equipment can maximize performance and reliability in your Platforming and Oleflex units: Regenerators, Recovery Plus, Control SystemsReactor Scallops, Catalyst Sampling

Aromatics/Sorbex Separation Equipment
UOP equipment enhances the performance and control of your Sorbex Separation process unit, while saving energy and capital cost:  Rotary Valve, Adsorbent Chamber Control, Adsorbent Chamber Internals, Distillation/Heat Transfer Equipment

Hydroprocessing Equipment

UOP hydroprocessing reactor internals complement our process and catalyst technology to ensure maximum catalyst utilization and high product selectivity:  Reactor Internals

FCC Equipment

UOP FCC Equipment complements our process technology to enhance your unit’s performance and reliability: Emergency Interlock System, Feed DistributionAF Stripper Technology, Catalyst Coolers, Third-Stage Separators

Combustion Equipment

UOP Callidus combustion equipment delivers technologically superior solutions, equipment and services to the refining, petrochemicals and industrial industries. Our combustion equipment solutions help reduce emissions, improve destruction efficiency, and maximize operational performance and energy efficiency, while improving environmental impact. Our offering includes process heater burners, flares, flare gas recovery systems, thermal oxidizers and selective catalytic reduction units (SCRs).

Hydrogen Purification Equipment

UOP hydrogen purification equipment offers cost effective solutions for a range of process applications:  Polybed PSA, Polysep Membranes

Gas Processing Equipment

UOP supplied gas processing equipment maximizes treating efficiency and project implementation:  Membrane Systems, Off-Shore Modular Systems, Mercury Removal Units

Heat Transfer / Distillation Equipment

Reduce your capital and operating costs in critical fractionation applications:  MD Trays, Simulflow, Slotted-Sieve Trays, High Flux tubing, High Cond tubing, and Packing

Modular Unit Supply Equipment

UOP modular construction and turn-key, packaged plant capabilities can reduce your costs, reduce project timing, and maximize processing performance: Licensed Processes, CCR Regenerators, RTP Biomass Conversion, Recovery Plus, and Sinco SSP

Speciality Control and Sampling Systems

UOP control systems can maximize unit performance while ensuring maximum reliability and on-stream factor: Drier Regeneration Control, Adsorbent Chamber Control, CCR Regenerator Control, FCC Emergency Interlock System, Catalyst Sampler, and Closed Sampling Systems