50 Years of Hydrogen Purification Innovation

The first industrial application of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) went on stream in 1966.

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UOP Customer Portal

The UOP portal provides information on products and services for UOP customers and partners. It also has site-specific support and tools that will help you manage and operate your UOP processes

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On-Purpose Butadiene

New, commercially-proven technology efficiently and cost-effectively converts n-butene to butadiene for the production of synthetic rubber

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UOP XCeed Bioreactor Technology

UOP’s XCeed bioreactor technology treats complex industrial wastewater streams by removing up to 90% of organic and inorganic contaminants while minimizing sludge generation. It can be delivered as a skid-mounted packaged system or as a retrofit to an existing basin.

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Quickly Realize the Value of Natural Gas Assets

Experts agree that by 2035 global natural gas use will rise by more than 50 percent and account for more than one-quarter of the world’s primary energy demand.

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More Diesel Yield

Market demand for diesel is growing. Optimized process integration and innovative technology from UOP can effectively and efficiently increase your diesel yield from every barrel of crude.

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More Value Through Integration

Integrating your refinery and petrochemicals production assures a consistent feedstock supply and processing efficiencies while introducing new opportunities to produce high-value products and grow your bottom line.

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More Feedstock Options

There are multiple routes available today to address growing markets for energy, fuels and petrochemicals. UOP innovations help you take advantage of geographically-favorable, cost-advantaged and renewable feedstock options to produce high-quality products.

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More Return from your Investment

Using your existing assets to their maximum potential is critical in mature markets. UOP solutions help you respond to shifting product mix while optimizing performance, energy efficiency and emissions.

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    Honeywell’s Envergent RTP® Technology to be used in New Renewable Fuels Facility in Quebec

    Envergent Technologies LLC, a joint venture of Honeywell UOP and Ensyn Corp., announced today that it has begun construction on a renewable fuels facility in Port Cartier, Quebec. The project will incorporate Envergent’s proprietary RTP® technology and will convert forest residues from local sources into liquid green fuel for institutional and industrial heating and as a renewable refinery feedstock for the production of low-carbon transportation fuels.

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