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Foresee operational complications and improve plant performance

Connected Performance Services are cloud-based solutions to monitor, predict, and improve plant performance

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ISOALKY™ Alkylation Process Solution

Introducing a new alkylation process for gasoline production that offer a simpler alternative to conventional technologies with lower handling risks and comparable process and economic performance.

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50 Years of Hydrogen Purification Innovation

The first industrial application of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) went on stream in 1966.

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UOP Customer Portal

The UOP portal provides information on products and services for UOP customers and partners. It also has site-specific support and tools that will help you manage and operate your UOP processes

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On-Purpose Butadiene

New, commercially-proven technology efficiently and cost-effectively converts n-butene to butadiene for the production of synthetic rubber

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UOP XCeed Bioreactor Technology

UOP’s XCeed bioreactor technology treats complex industrial wastewater streams by removing up to 90% of organic and inorganic contaminants while minimizing sludge generation. It can be delivered as a skid-mounted packaged system or as a retrofit to an existing basin.

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    Honeywell UOP Introduces IIoT Offering To Improve Plant Performance

    Honeywell UOP today introduced a new software-based service designed to allow refiners and petrochemical and gas processing plants to improve performance.

    Honeywell UOP’s new Connected Performance Services (CPS) business leverages the Industrial Internet of Things to tap Honeywell’s deep process knowledge, design expertise, and understanding of catalysis with next-generation software platforms from Honeywell Process Solutions, the leading provider of software-based solutions for the process industries

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