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Reduce NOx and CO Levels to Meet Air Quality Regulations

We provide total emission control systems for new or retrofit applications. Our design and technology allows us to provide destruction efficiencies to support your emission applications.

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Callidus Catalyst Systems Brochure

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Callidus Catalyst Systems reduce emissions to meet environmental and regulatory goals. We offer Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to reduce NOx and CO from a wide range of combustion and process emission sources.

We utilize state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling to guarantee system performance. Our patented and trade secret ammonia injection and mixing technology allows for optimum destruction while simplifying operation.

Our system capabilities allow for a total package solution which includes: process gas conditioning, emission reduction, and post process gas heat recovery.

We also provide system installation startup and support for those who desire a total “end to end” solution.

Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling (CFD)

Providing leading edge SCR performance begins with understanding the process exhaust emissions. We recognize that different processes generate different exhaust conditions, and that these process emissions are also subject to change based on various operating parameters. Callidus Technologies creates catalyst systems that accommodate a wide variety of inputs and operating parameters.
Our experience in CFD modeling combined with Six Sigma evaluation methods allows us to engineer robust designs that condition the variable process inputs to achieve even flow, velocity and temperature distribution.

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Callidus Technologies has had a dedicated in-house CFD since 1993:

  • More than 32 years of CFD modeling experience
  • More than 500 simulations of actual fielded equipment
  • 1048 Core Cluster
    • Allows for more complex models
    • Reduced run-time, faster turn-around.
  • Four different solver technologies

Callidus Technologies brings extra value:

  • Considerable effort expended in ensuring realistic treatment of combustion and flow for industrial scale problems
  • Considerable effort expended in finding the most efficient/accurate meshing methods for refining petrochemical equipment
  • Industry specific combustion expertise for results and analysis
  • Expert database of solutions to CFD related problems for this industry
  • Expert database of solutions to problems for fired/post-treatment equipment
  • Validation against industrial scale data from our world-class test and R&D facility

Ammonia Injection and Mixing

uop-callidus-ammonia-injectionCallidus experience in flow and mixing for industrial combustion processes is unparalleled. Our field-proven patented ammonia injection grid (AIG) technology provides superior mixing and distribution of ammonia in SCR applications. Our High Performance Mixing (HPM) technology can:

  • improve NOx reduction
  • reduce ammonia slip
  • extend catalyst life

We can design systems using a variety of reagents: aqueous, anhydrous ammonia, or urea. Reagent injection is tailored to meet the specific application.

Total System Integration:

uop-callidus-intergration-design2 Our customers often approach us with an exhaust stream that needs additional conditioning prior to removal of NOx and CO. For these customers, we supply additional components to create a total system tailored for their needs. These additional elements might include: burners, heat exchangers, dust collection, and heat recovery.