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Make the most of your combustion equipment investment. Take advantage of our advanced combustion technologies training at one of our fall Combustion Schools (Sept. 25th-28th, 2017).


Combustion Technology Institute logoKnowing the optimum way to operate your Callidus combustion equipment can increase equipment lifespan and reduce maintenance costs at your plant. To make the most of your investment, turn to our experts for invaluable instruction in burner, flare, and incinerator technologies.

Callidus Technologies offers combustion courses taught by technical experts at our Oklahoma manufacturing and test facility. These complimentary burner and flare schools are hosted in the fall, and they consist of an advanced curriculum, featuring combustion fundamentals, burner and flare design, operation principles, product selection and troubleshooting.

Our annual courses are designed to meet the changing needs of this industry by coupling in-depth lectures with real-world tests and advanced simulations.

We also offer custom on-site custom training for a tailored combustion experience.

By connecting with experts in the industry, students are equipped with the latest and most comprehensive combustion education, increasing your return on investment through optimized operations.

Burner School, Sample Fall Agenda

Flare School, Sample Fall Agenda