UOP Callidus Flares

Safe and Efficient Disposal of Waste Gas

UOP Callidus Flare systems safely combust waste gases while meeting air quality regulations. Since 1989, Callidus Technologies has commissioned more than 6,500 flare system start-ups worldwide.

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Emissions Reduction Through Flares


UOP Callidus Flare systems are designed to safely combust waste gases while meeting your specifications, process criteria and performance requirements. They meet EPA and international standards while safeguarding your plant and terminal operations.

UOP Callidus Flares are used in Hydrocarbon and Petrochemical processing, oil and gas production as well as steel and carbon black industries.

We offer General Market, Production Flares and Specialty Flare Systems

General Market Flares

Through the decades Callidus Technologies has improved designs to increase the smokeless capacity of our flares.