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Innovative Flare Design

Callidus Technologies develops flare systems that are designed to match your specifications, process criteria and performance requirements.

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Our flare equipment functions at optimum levels meeting EPA and international standards while safeguarding plant and terminal operations.

UOP Callidus Flares meet stringent performance criteria for:

  • Safety – Stable over full range and all waste gases
  • Emissions >98% destruction efficiency
  • Meet local Ground Level Concentration (GLC) standards
  • Process performance
  • Radiation
  • Smokeless capacity
  • Noise


uop-callidus-pipe-flarePipe Flares

The pipe flare is the most basic type of flare tip. It is sometimes called an “utility flare”. Pipe flares will not smoke when burning low carbon content gases.

The UOP Callidus Pipe Flare (CAL-PF) incorporates key design features to help ensure a stable burning flare designed for long life and dependable service. Flares come with a high stability flame retention system for stable burning during all types of weather conditions. This allows you to use smaller flares, increasing flare life while decreasing operating costs.

UOP Callidus Pipe Flare Advantages

  • High stability flame retention system
  • Extremely stable pilots
  • Long service life
  • Reliable pilot ignition systems
  • Plug welded brackets


uop-callidus-upper-steam-flareUpper Steam Flares

Upper steam flare tips incorporate a high-stability pilot and a flame retention system. With a high efficiency, low noise steam injection ring, the flare tip provides smokeless burning with lower noise than traditional steam injection systems. The upper steam injection is mechanically superior in design while providing greater flow at lower steam pressures.

UOP Callidus Steam Flare Advantages

  • Low noise steam ring
  • Plug welded brackets
  • Extremely stable pilots
  • Superior manifold connection
  • Smokeless burner with lower noise
  • Mechanically superior design
  • High stability flame retention ring
  • Lower pressure drop or higher flow at a given pressure


Inner Steam Flares

uop-callidus-inner steam-flare

The internal steam flare and the internal steam super sonic flare represent significant improvements over traditional internal steam designs.

These flares offer significant design improvements:

  • Prevents tube cracking and warping :Internal steam tubes are supplied with cast 310 SS segments at the top
  • Improved air inspiration: Each internal steam tube is supplied with a true venturi inlet at the steam injector.
  • Increased efficiency of internal tubes: Computer aided design of tube placement for optimum tube density and location
  • Computer aided design of the muffler assembly results in minimum air flow restriction and maximum noise reduction.

UOP Callidus Ultra Low Noise Steam Flare (Inner Steam) Advantages

  • High smokeless capacity
  • Plug welded brackets
  • Energy efficient pilots
  • Extremely stable pilots
  • Venturi inlet at steam injectors

uop-callidus-demountable-flareDemountable Pipe Flares

The Demountable flare system provides flexible flaring operations to so that you can place multiple risers on a single support structure. They also allow you to perform maintenance to the tip at grade with minimal use of personnel at elevation.

The demountable flare system features a derrick with the riser or risers mounted in such a way to permit lowering the flare tip to grade for service without the use of a crane. The flare riser is typically assembled in sections that can be raised and lowered using a track and guide system.

Many demountable derricks are designed to support multiple risers with their individual flare tips. You can service all risers and flare tips except the one in active service when you use multiple risers.

Demountable derrick structures can easily support future expansion efforts by providing extra space for additional risers. Additionally, the ability to place multiple risers on a single derrick structure offers the plant the ability to maximize their land usage by greatly reducing the total amount of plot space needed for flaring sterile areas. By having the flexibility of performing maintenance to risers and flare tips without shutting down the entire flare, a facility can avoid a plant wide shutdown minimizing unit downtime and saving money

UOP Callidus Demountable Flare Advantages

  • 360˚ pivoting working platforms for access to the flare stack.
  • Multiple risers -flare tip maintained at grade while plant remains in operation.
  • Multiple risers for smaller plot space.
  • Extra space on derrick for future expansion

uop-callidus-totally-enclosed-ground-flareTotally Enclosed Ground Flares

UOP Callidus Totally Enclosed Ground Flare (TEGF) system was originally designed to eliminate light and noise from flaring waste gases.

This flare has been used extensively in the combustion of waste gases from chemical plants, hydrocarbon loading terminals, FPSO floating production vessels, refineries, and any other application where low emission, efficient combustion is required every day.

Totally Enclosed Ground Flare Units can be designed for unlimited air control or for specific air and temperature control to combust very clean gases at minimum required temperatures.

UOP Callidus Ultra Low Noise Steam Flare Advantages

  • Easy on-line maintenance
  • Sole source systems including installation
  • Skids 100% pre-wired, pre-piped, assembled and tested
  • Flame finder technology
  • Smokeless combustion
  • Very low noise levels
  • No radiation outside the combustor
  • Reduced emission

uop-callidus-multipoint-flareMultipoint Flares

Multipoint flares give you the benefit of unlimited smokeless capacity and the lowest possible radiation. Reduction in thermal radiation levels of 60% or greater are often achieved.

Callidus’ Multipoint flares are in service both onshore and offshore, with smokeless capacities up to 3,500,000 lbs/hr.

UOP Callidus Multipoint Flare Advantages

  • High surface to area relationship
  • Extremely stable pilots
  • Easy maintenance – all equipment at grade
  • Low radiation and no radiation designs available
  • Cast stainless steel brackets
  • Infinite turndown staging system
  • Extremely long life