Specialty Flare Systems

Meet Flare Market Demand

Whether you need to address environmental concerns, reduce costs or fill a short-term equipment need, UOP Callidus has the right technology for your business.

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UOP Callidus specialty flare systems have been developed to meet your ongoing production needs.

UOP Callidus’ Flare Gas Recovery Systems can (FGR) save for you.
Losses to the flare, including process gases, fuel gas, steam, nitrogen and natural gas, represent the largest source of loss in a refinery or chemical plant.

Do you have rental equipment needs?
UOP Callidus maintains an inventory of rental flares, oxidizers, combustors, and other equipment to provide quick, safe solutions when regular equipment requires maintenance or becomes inoperable.

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Rental Equipment

Callidus Technologies maintains an inventory of rental flares, oxidizers, combustors, and other equipment to provide quick, safe combustion solutions when regular equipment requires maintenance, becomes inoperable or a temporary solution is needed. Callidus Technologies can provide a rental unit from existing inventory, design a unit or modify an existing unit in a short amount of time.

Selection of the type of flare will be influenced by several factors, including the availability of space, the composition of the gas, flow rate, pressures, as well as radiation requirements. As with all UOP Callidus equipment, our rental units are fully inspected with our rigorous quality assurance inspections before leaving our facility.

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UOP Callidus Rental Flare Advantages

  • Existing inventory available
  • Minimal downtime during maintenance
  • Temporary solution is needed
  • Modifications of existing units available
  • Custom design if needed

Flare Gas Recovery (FGR) technology

UOP Callidus Flare Gas Recovery (FGR) technology offers you an easy way to address growing environmental, commercial and public relations concerns regarding flaring and flare emissions.

FGR technology gives your facility the ability to “recycle” flare gas. The system provides a direct reduction in emissions.

In addition to environmental and community relations value, these units can also reduce cost requirements for purchased gas and reduce flare maintenance costs by extending the life of associated flare tips.

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UOP Callidus Flare Gas Recovery System Advantages

  • Reduced flare emissions
  • Improved community relations
  • Recovered gas for facility fuel gas
  • Reduced utility steam consumption
  • Increased flare tip life
  • Skid mounted
  • Ease of installation
  • Reduced noise and light pollution
  • Quick payback

Our Flare Gas Recovery system collects process gases from the flare header, before those gases reach the flare. It then compresses the gases and allows them to be reused with the facility’s fuel system.

UOP Callidus Flare Gas Recovery systems are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer. Systems are sized based on anticipated flare gas composition and flow rates. System components are mostly skid mounted for ease of installation.

The primary component of the UOP Callidus FGR system is the compressor unit. Callidus Technologies utilizes liquid ring compressors as the preferred compression mode but can offer additional compressor types depending on project application.

As a world class flare system provider, Callidus Technologies can easily integrate a flare and flare gas recovery unit into a total solution.