Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems Aftermarket Solutions

Parts and Support for Increased Catalyst System Performance

Turn to the experts for dedicated aftermarket services, quality parts and reliable support for your catalyst systems. Our experienced team can work with you to increase the performance of your Selective Catalyic Reduction (SCR) systems by:

Turn to our experienced and responsive team to help with:

  • Planning maintenance and turnarounds
  • Providing installation services
  • Replacing and upgrading parts
  • Evaluating your existing system for improvements

Our experts can help with your aftermarket thermal oxidizer challenges:

Is your ammonia slip high? We have specific patented technology that can dramatically reduce ammonia slip.
Have your plant emissions requirements changed? An in-place SCR modification can alter the existing system to meet the new and often lower emissions requirements.
Does the plant need emissions relief for an expansion? SCRs are often already placed on the highest emission devices. On a flow-rate basis, improving one SCR may alleviate the need for multiple other improvements.
Does your system have issues at turndown or certain flow rates that cause you problems? An expert revamp can solve many of the emissions issues related to turndown.
Would lowering your pressure drop through the SCR increase your plant efficiency? Our ability to apply patented technology with CFD modeling can provide a lower pressure drop system that actually outperforms the existing system.

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