Flares Aftermarket Solutions

Full-Service Flare Support

Honeywell UOP offers replacement flare tips, spare parts, equipment inspections, surveys and field service for flare equipment around the world. We can provide replacement and upgraded equipment for our flare systems and for systems provided by other vendors.

Callidus® flares aftermarket support includes:

  • Equipment inspections and site surveys
  • Field service, repair, and tuning
  • Guy wire tensioning
  • Onsite training
  • Miscellaneous spare parts

Our experts can help with your aftermarket flare challenges:

When is your next turnaround? Most often flare tips and components are replaced at a turnaround.
Which units will be affected during your turnaround? This will help us identify which equipment to repair or replace.
Does your flare smoke? In most cases we can find a solution to a smoking flare.
Does your flare exhibit any pulsation or noise? Our combustion expertise and CFD modeling can design a flare that eliminates combustion related instability and pulsation.
Does your flare limit production or do you have any plant expansion plans? Sometimes flares can be the bottleneck for the plant. An increased capacity may be key to increasing plant throughput.
Has your plant capacity increased or decreased? The flow rates to the flare may have changed resulting in poor performance, increased assisted fuel usage or reduced part life.
Are you trying to optimize the steam consumption to your flare? We have several options to help reduce steam consumption ranging from engineering studies to assist with steam flow moderation to an improved flare tip design.
Has your waste gas composition changed since installation? If yes, we can help design a flare that performs better or lasts longer than your current flare.

For more information on Callidus Flares Aftermarket Solutions, contact us