Thermal Oxidizers Aftermarket Solutions

Upgrading Thermal Oxidizer Performance

We offer a full line of Honeywell UOP Callidus® parts and service solutions to improve the performance of your thermal oxidizer systems, including upgrading to meet new low NOx requirements with our ultra-blue technologies. Our spare and replacement parts are manufactured to original dimensions and tolerances.

Turn to our experienced and responsive team to help with:

  • Planning maintenance and turnarounds
  • Providing installation services
  • Replacing and upgrading parts
  • Evaluating your existing system for improvements

Our experts can help with your aftermarket thermal oxidizer challenges:

Has the air permitting for your plant changed resulting in reduced emissions? Thermal oxidizers have traditionally not been very low NOx. We have technologies that can greatly reduce the NOx. The heat release rates of some thermal oxidizers can be very high so reducing emissions from one thermal oxidizer can have a great value for the total plant.
Do your thermal oxidizers exhibit any vibration or noise? This is often combustion related and may be as simple as ordering new parts or as complex as a noise study with frequency analysis.
Has your process or feed composition changed? Thermal oxidizer design is tailored to the specific wastes to be destroyed. Poor performance – including increased fuel usage – or reduced part life may result from changing composition.
Do you have efficiency targets? We can reduce the assist gas consumption or add heat recovery.
How old is your BMS? The control system or BMS may not meet current standards. There is the potential to reduce insurance premiums and increase the safety with a change out.
Does the unit associated with your thermal oxidizer often trip? Overlooked design issues or changing flows can often be accommodated.
Has your plant capacity increased or decreased? The flow rates to the thermal oxidizer may have changed resulting in poor performance – increased assisted fuel usage – or reduced part life.

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