Air Assisted Flares

No Steam, Smokeless Combustion

An effective alternative to steam-assisted smokeless flares, Honeywell UOP Callidus® Air Assisted Flares can help dramatically to reduce flare tip maintenance and lower operating costs.

Available in a variety of sizes and mixing geometries, air assisted flare systems use blowers and a sophisticated flare tip mixing section to thoroughly mix air and waste gas within the combustion zone, resulting in smokeless combustion. The continual flow of forced draft air cools the tip and prevents flame pull down in high wind conditions.

  • Features:
    • No steam lines to run
    • High smokeless capacity
    • Plug welded brackets
    • Energy efficient pilots
    • Online maintenance of smoke suppression equipment (air blower)
    • Extremely stable pilot
    • Low noise design available
  • Benefits:
    • Low-cost smokeless flaring option for sites that do not have steam available or where steam is expensive
    • No high-frequency continuous steam injection noise
    • Low maintenance
    • Long service life
    • Low operating costs
  • Applications:
    • Applications where steam is unavailable due to site environmental conditions, available site utilities, or the high local cost of water
    • Upstream and midstream processing
    • Chemical/specialty processing

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