High Velocity, Stable Combustion

The Honeywell UOP Callidus Extended Perimeter Tip (Expert) is a unique multi-armed sonic flare tip with low emissivity, low noise levels and a stable flame.

Expert uses an investment cast flare nozzle to maximize the surface area for mixing between the waste gas and the surrounding air, ensuring smokeless, stable combustion at high velocity. This results in a well-aerated, low radiation flame with reduced susceptibility to wind-induced flame lean. The casting shape breaks up the sonic shockwave at the casting exit to reduce sonic jet noise.

  • Features:
    • High velocity, low radiation flame
    • No steam injection or air assist required for offshore applications
    • Low weight
  • Benefits:
    • Stable, smokeless combustion
    • Less susceptible to flame lean
    • Lower noise
    • Reduced utilities cost
    • Improved offshore personnel safety
  • Applications:
    • Upstream and midstream processing

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