Flare Gas Recovery Systems

Gas Processing plant with Callidus combustion

Pre-engineered, Modular Systems for Flare Avoidance

Flare Systems

Honeywell UOP Callidus® Flare Gas Recovery Systems (FGRS) reduce the need for flaring by recycling gas within your facility. They can also enhance profitability. The industry-leading FGRS helps refinery owners meet emissions regulations, reduce risk, extend equipment life and reduce costs. Losses to the flare, including process gases, fuel gas, steam, nitrogen and natural gas represent the largest source of loss in a refinery or chemical plant. The FGRS collects process gases from the flare header before it reaches the flare, compresses them and allows them to be reused within the facility’s fuel gas system. In some cases, the recovered gases can also be used as a refinery feedstock.

UOP Callidus Flare Gas Recovery systems are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer. Systems are sized based on anticipated flare gas composition and flow rates. System components are mostly skid mounted for ease of installation.

  • Features:Flare Systems
    • Pre-engineered, skid mounted design
    • Sized based on anticipated flare gas composition and flow rates
    • Modules can be combined to provide increased recovery capacity
    • Pre-engineered piping kits provide interconnection between modules
    • Flexibility in compressor type depending on application
    • Integrates with a flare for a total solution
  • Benefits:
    • Near zero flare emissions
    • Improved community relations
    • Recovered gas for facility fuel gas
    • Reduced utility steam consumption
    • Increased flare tip life
    • Ease of installation
    • Reduced noise and light pollution
    • Quick payback

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