Steam Assisted Flares

Smokeless Combustion

Delivering a long-life span and limited maintenance costs, Honeywell UOP Callidus® Steam Assisted flare systems are often an ideal choice for smokeless combustion with less noise. UOP offers Upper Steam (US) and Inner Steam (IS) flare systems so you can select the best solution for your needs.

Callidus Inner Steam Assist flare systems uses proprietary advanced technology for optimal combustion and smokeless performance. The advanced IS3 design accelerates steam to supersonic velocity, maximizing the amount of air entrained in the steam and improving steam efficiency and smokeless performance.


  • High steam efficiency
  • Plug welded brackets
  • Stainless steel injection nozzles
  • Energy efficient pilots
  • Extremely stable pilots
  • Venturi inlet at steam injectors
  • Computer aided design

  • Lower utilities cost at high smokeless flow rates
  • Proven smokeless capacity with high waste gas flow rates
  • High smokeless capacity
  • Increased efficiency of internal tubes
  • Minimum air flow restriction
  • Maximum noise reduction
  • Improved air inspiration
  • Muffled steam injection system reduces noise impact on the environment
  • Long flare tip lifespan

  • Downstream processing
  • Petrochemical processing
  • Chemical/specialty processing


Works with:


Callidus Upper Steam Assist flares incorporate a high-stability pilot and a flame retention system. With a high efficiency, low noise steam injection ring, the flare tip provides smokeless burning with quieter operation than traditional steam injection systems.

  • Features:
    • Low noise steam ring
    • Plug welded brackets
    • Extremely stable pilots
    • Superior manifold connection
    • High stability flame retention ring
    • Mechanically superior design
  • Benefits:
    • Smokeless burner
    • Quieter operation
    • Long lifespan
    • Limited maintenance costs
    • Simple to install and operate
    • Lower pressure drop or higher flow at a given pressure
  • Applications:
    • Upstream, midstream and downstream processing
    • Petrochemical processing

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Cost-Efficient Flare Technology Compliance with Less Steam

You need safe, efficient combustion that complies with the latest EPA regulations. The Callidus nViro-XSR™ flare tip is designed to provide:

• Lowest operating cost compliance by using less steam and supplement gas.
• Increased hydraulic capacity
• Increased maximum smokeless rates
• Low noise with operation proven by industrial-scale testing

Features and Benefits of the Callidus nViro-XSR™

  • Low Operating Cost
    The low nViro-XSR standby steam requirement and high smokeless operation capability mean that operating expenses can be reduced by up to 3.6 times compared to the next best technology and 24 times compared to older flare technology.
  • Higher Smokeless Capacity
    A higher smokeless capacity means increased protection against visible emissions violations and reduced community impact during flaring events. When you upgrade to the nViro-XSR you can use your current flare system and accommodate higher flow rate flaring events without visible smoke. Based on published data, a 57% increase in smokeless rate over the next best technology is achievable.
  • Increased Hydraulic Capacity
    Over time, your depressurizing requirements may have changed – existing unit capacity may have increased or process units may have been added. The highly efficient nViro-XSR requires a lower backpressure for a given flow when compared with other technologies. In fact, the relative backpressure requirement goes down as the flow rate increases. For the same size of flare stack, you will not hit the same hydraulic limit.
  • Single-Valve Steam Control
    Simplify your installation and operation with single-valve steam control. With no need to adjust flow ratio between different supply lines and no center steam, the simple control method reduces component count, provides a single point of control, and aids retrofit installation for older styles of flare tips.
  • Low Noise
    The nViro-XSR uses Integrated noise reduction technology to lower noise without the need for an additional muffler. For many applications, no
    additional noise mitigation is necessary.
  • Increased Retrofit Options
    With up to a 70% weight reduction when compared older steam flare tips and a reduced wind-load surface area, you have more options for retrofitting your flare system using advanced technology without modifying your stack or support structure.
  • Advanced Flare Technology
    Utilizing our advanced computational fluid dynamics capabilities coupled with industrial-scale physical testing, our combustion experts designed this
    next-generation, ultra-low steam consumption flare to break through the barriers of traditional design. By generating turbulence and momentum in the flare plume and not the air, no premix air is required to achieve superior steam performance across the entire operating range.
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