Totally Enclosed Ground Flares

Eliminate Light, Noise and Smoke

Callidus® Totally Enclosed Ground Flare (TEGF) systems eliminate light and noise from flaring waste gases. Totally Enclosed Ground Flare units can be designed for unlimited air control or for specific air and temperature control to combust very clean gases at minimum required temperatures.This flare has been used extensively in the combustion of waste gases from chemical plants, hydrocarbon loading terminals, FPSO floating production vessels, refineries, and any other application where low emission, efficient combustion is required every day.
  • Features:
    • Smokeless combustion
    • Turnkey systems including installation
    • Skids 100% pre-wired, pre-piped, assembled and tested
    • Flame finder technology
  • Benefits:
    • Easy, on-line maintenance
    • Very low noise levels
    • No radiation outside the combustor
    • Reduced emissions
  • Applications:
    • Upstream, midstream and downstream processing
    • Petrochemical processing
    • Chemical/specialty processing
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