AERO Radiant Wall Burner

Profitable Performance

Often ideal for new or existing wall-fired petrochemical and reformer furnaces, Callidus® AERO Radiant Wall Burners provide a combination of high performance and low maintenance achieved through an innovative tip design.


  • Innovative, aerodynamic tip design
  • Capable of operation on fuels containing high hydrogen (more than 80% vol)
  • Improved air door design for ease of adjustment
  • Simplified muffler design completely shrouds primary and secondary air entrances
  • Operates over a turndown of 3:1
  • Maintains a uniform fuel air mixture speed reducing the possibility of flashback

  • Improved NOx reduction with NOx levels < 80 mg/Nm3
  • Enhanced stability that delivers low emissions
  • Reduced maintenance needs from single piece tip design
  • Lower replacement costs by bolting tip to the venture
  • No special operating needs
  • Improved cooling compared to other low NOx burner designs


  • Applications:
    • Able to fit in virtually any application
    • New or retrofit
  • Specifications:
    • NOx levels < 80 mg/Nm3
    • Operates over a turndown of 3:1
    • 5 MM Btu/hr to 2.5 MMBtu/hr
    • Capable of operation on more than 80% (vol%) hydrogen

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