Staged Gas Low NOx Process Burners

Based on two decades of combustion research and innovation, Honeywell UOP Callidus® Staged Gas Low-NOx process burners dramatically reduce NOx emissions with low maintenance, cost-effective equipment.

Callidus Staged Gas process burners use a robust refractory flame holder design for greater stability and lower NOx emissions. These burners are based on Next Generation CUBL technology, which combines the conventional bluff body eddy zone with stabilization channels, notches, ledges and stagnation zones.


  • Meets operating performance of traditional staged gas technology
  • Flame length comparable to traditional staged gas technology
  • Can operate on natural gas to as low as 66% of stoichiometry
  • No metallic components exposed to flame

  • 50% lower NOx reductions compared to than traditional staged gas technology
  • Improved performance
  • Extremely stable with 10:1 turndowns

Callidus Stage Gas Burners include:

  • Callidus Staged Gas Low NOx (CSGL) – Next generation technology from the CUBL burner, the SCGL is designed for greater stability and lower NOx emissions than traditional staged gas burners.
  • Callidus Staged Gas (CSG) – Our most economical burner for lower NOx emissions. Maintains many characteristics of traditional raw gas burners. Flexible burner designed to meet performance needs.
  • Callidus Staged Gas Combination (CSGC) – Using two separate tiles, combination burners can burn oil and gas Flexible operations when you need it. Several options available depending on emission requirement.
  • Callidus Oil Burner (COB-SA) – Staged air burner for firing oil


  • Refining
  • Petrochemical
  • Gas Processing

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