Thermal Oxidizers Burners

The Right Burner for the Right Service

Honeywell UOP Callidus® Thermal Oxidizer burners offer high stability, exceptional reliability, low maintenance costs and a range of emissions performance for your thermal oxidation systems.

The proven design used in Callidus Thermal Oxidizer burners help provide greater stability and lower NOx emissions. These burners are based on Next Generation CUBL technology, which combines the conventional bluff body eddy zone with stabilization channels, notches, ledges and stagnation zones.

  • Features:
    • Nozzle mix burners designed for high turndown
    • Specialized mixing for low fuel consumption
    • Sub-stoichiometric operation available
    • High grade cast components
  • Benefits:
    • Up to 90% lower NOx reductions compared to standard burners
    • Low maintenance for reduced operating costs
    • Proven flame stability
    • Can replace existing burners to improve performance
  • Products include:
    • Callidus Ultra Low NOx Thermal Oxidizer Burner – The Callidus Ultra Low NOx Thermal Oxidizer burner is field proven with less than 10ppm NOx performance. This low maintenance burner is an ideal choice for reducing NOx emissions without sacrificing fuel efficiency.
    • Callidus High Intensity Thermal Oxidizer Burner – These high swirl burners provide the highest heat density flames for the rapid heating of the vent gas.
    • Callidus Tail Gas Thermal Oxidizer Burner – The Callidus Tail Gas Burner is specifically designed to meet the needs of SRU service. These inline burners provide optimal performance before the hydrogenation reactor.
    • Callidus Standard Thermal Oxidizer Burner– The Callidus Standard Burner is the most economical solution for use without a selective catalytic reduction system or higher emissions applications. The nozzle mix design affords a wide range of operation with the benefit of low maintenance and operating expense.
  • Applications:
    • Refining
    • Petrochemical
    • Gas Processing
    • Specialty Chemicals

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