Increase yield, up-rate capacity, reduce emissions

For energy-intensive processes such, as olefins production, the optimal operation of fired equipment can make a large difference in profitability. Use the expertise of Callidus engineers to help you get the most out of your unit. The correct application of our burners, flares, thermal oxidizers and selective catalytic reduction systems can help to increase the bottom line while reducing what comes out of the top of the stack.

Callidus Process Burners
Designed to meet the most demanding heat flux profiles, the CUBL-F series of Next Generation low NOx burners are often ideal for maximizing yield and runtimes for retrofits or new-builds. Our AERO radiant wall burners can be used to revamp heaters, giving you reduced NOx emissions and protection against flashback even due to feedstock change.

Callidus Multipoint Ground Flares
For a flare that produces no smoke, no visible flame, and no steam requirement, select a Callidus multipoint ground flare. Our Galaxy burners reduce the component count within the flare field and allow for a shorter radiation fence – saving you foundation and maintenance cost.

Callidus Thermal Oxidizers
Keep the feedstock running into your unit with a Callidus tail gas thermal oxidizer. When reliability and uptime are a premium selecting an expertly designed system is the easy choice.

Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems
In regions with the most stringent NOx regulations, the technology of choice is a Callidus selective catalytic reduction system (SCR). Our patented ammonia injection grid ensures a uniform mixture of NOx and flue gas resulting in substantially reduced ammonia slip and the lowest possible NOx performance.

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