Knowing the optimum way to operate your Callidus products can increase equipment lifespan and reduce maintenance costs at your plant. To make the most of your investment, turn to our experts for invaluable instruction in burner, flare, and incinerator technologies.

We offer complimentary courses at our Oklahoma manufacturing and test facility each fall, as well as custom on-site training. The courses are designed to meet the changing needs of this industry by coupling in-depth lectures with real-world tests and advanced simulations.

Process Burner, CFD, & SCR

  • Date: October 5 – 6, 2020
  • Location: Beggs, Oklahoma
  • Cost: Free
Process Flare, T.O., and Flare Gas Recovery Fundamentals

  • Date: October 7- 8, 2020
  • Location: Beggs, Oklahoma
  • Cost: Free
Over the two-day course, participants will: Over the two-day course, participants will:
» Learn the basics of combustion and how it impacts process burner and fired heater performance » Learn the many different types of flare technologies available and the type of application each is most suited for
» Distinguish a good process burner flame from a poor flame » Understand how to control smoke, noise, radiation and flame luminosity
» Understand different types of process burners, their operation, maintenance and troubleshooting » Accurately evaluate the economics of replacements and retrofits
» Diagnose problems with heaters and burners to determine what actions to take to correct the problems » Discussion of flare regulations (both American and International)
» Review burner installation procedures and best practices » Learn how to operate flares safely, more efficiently and with a greater return on investment
» Observe CFD furnace airflows, flame shape models, and heat flux modeling. » Discussion of advanced TOs and SCRs
» Witness live demonstrations that illustrate principles covered in the course » Witness live demonstrations that illustrate principles covered in the course

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Callidus Custom Training Programs

Make the most out of your Honeywell UOP Callidus equipment by staying up to date on the latest in combustion technologies and industry best practices. In addition to annual Tulsa-based courses, we also offer custom onsite training.

We can tailor a curriculum based on your facility and equipment, so you can improve the safety, reliability and profitability of your operations.

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