Honeywell UOP Callidus Process Flare Fundamentals

callidus process burner

Hosted each fall, the Process Flare Fundamentals course provides engineers, operators, maintenance, safety and training personnel with critical knowledge on the operation, maintenance of offshore, onshore, ground flare and totally enclosed ground flare systems.

  • Date: October 23 – 24, 2019
  • Location: Honeywell UOP Callidus Test Facility in Beggs, Oklahoma
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  • Registration: Register online

Over the two-day course, participants will:

  • Learn the many different types of flare technologies available and the type of application each is most suited for
  • Operate a flare system safely and more efficiently
  • Understand how to control smoke, noise, radiation and flame luminosity
  • Accurately evaluate the economics of replacements and retrofits
  • Discussion of flare regulations (both American and International)
  • Learn how to operate flares safely, more efficiently and with a greater return on investment

Topics and live demonstrations include:

  • Types of Flares
  • Types of Flare Tips
  • Flare Safety
  • Thermal Radiation and Radiation Prediction
  • Structural and Stack design
  • Emissions
  • Smoke Control
  • Noise
  • Flare Pilots and Ignition Equipment
  • Knockout Drums
  • Liquid Seals
  • Flare Regulations (Both American and International)
  • Flare demonstrations
  • User Discussions