UAV Flare Inspections

Honeywell UOP Callidus has designed and installed hundreds of flare systems worldwide and is your best source for inspecting and evaluating your flare system. We offer state of the art drone-based inspection for a complete evaluation of elevated and ground-based flare systems. Unlike other drone inspection companies, we provide experience-based advice that can be used to make informed decisions on potential corrective actions that optimize your operations.

Comprehensive Flare Inspection

Drones allow us to see places that until recently were hard and hazardous to reach. Our drone technology allows us to safely inspect your:

  • Flare tip(s)
  • Pilots
  • Flare riser
  • Elevated structural components, piping, conduit
  • Aircraft warning lights

In addition to using the drone for inspecting elevated items, we also conduct ground-based inspection of your:

  • Liquid seal
  • Flare header
  • Knockout drum
  • Pilot ignition system
  • Steam system*
  • Structural support

Our Flare HealthTM report provides a comprehensive score card for each flare system at your facility

Total Service Solution

Honeywell UOP Callidus is here to help you get the most out of your flare system. Our inspection service is the first step towards maintaining your equipment while improving your operations budget. We offer a range of inspection services which can be tailored to meet your facility needs. Should the need arise to replace or repair your flare system, we have the capability to provide a variety of cost effective options from supplying parts to providing a full turn-key upgrade.

  • The cost of inspection services can be applied as a credit toward purchase of replacement parts and services
  • Multiple day discounts are available
  • Annual inspection contracts are also available to comply with local regulatory requirements

Fully Licensed and Insured

Safety is our first priority. We comply with the latest FAA regulations regarding operating drones in commercial settings. From pre-flight checklists to post-flight de-mobilization, safety is our primary concern. In addition to flight safety, our staff has extensive training and expertise to operate in your facility. Honeywell UOP requires continuing safety education and certification for all field service personnel. Training documentation and flight records are available upon request.

Robust Drone Technology

Not all drones are created equal. We utilize technology that provides redundant backup to minimize risk:

  • Robust Hexa-Copter flying platform which is fault tolerant should a motor or propeller fail
  • Six redundant battery packs that reroute power during flight should a battery pack suffer during flight
  • Triple redundant flight control to ensure stable operation in varying weather conditions

Call Us Before You Need Us

No one likes surprises from their flare system. A properly timed flare inspection can potentially avoid unplanned shutdowns due to unanticipated flare problems. Additionally a pre-turnaround flare inspection can also reduce turnaround time overruns so that you can get back to operating your facility.