Combustion Equipment

Reliable combustion solutions to meet your business and environmental needs

Combustion equipment solutions can be applied to new projects or retrofit opportunities, and we will install and service our equipment in every part of the globe. UOP Callidus combustion equipment ensures reliable, long-term performance, while minimizing operating and maintenance costs.

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UOP Callidus set the standard in process burner technology


UOP Callidus helps you get the most out of your process furnaces. Whether the furnace is being used in a refinery or petrochemical application, UOP Callidus’ process burners are designed to bring out the furnace’s best performance.

Custom burner packages are designed to meet your requirements, including flame shape, size, firing direction, heat flux, fuel type and emission requirements. The UOP Callidus CUBL burner technology, developed in conjunction with customers, is recognized as the best available technology in the industry. We provide custom engineered packages that fit almost any process heater application, including:

  • Refinery heaters
  • Reformers
  • Ethylene cracking
  • Coker units

UOP Callidus also offers a wide range of additional equipment including pilots, flame monitoring equipment, burner management systems and packaged fuel skids.

Our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling capabilities are unmatched in the industry. With CFD modeling, burners can be ‘tested’ in your furnace without having to build and physically test the burner. If physical testing is desired, UOP Callidus has seven test furnaces located at our research and development center, where burners of all shapes, sizes and applications can be tested.

For more than two decades, our team has designed high-quality, innovative process burner equipment. Our burner design group has worked in cooperation with customers around the world to develop the technology and solutions to some of their greatest challenges.

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Safe and efficient disposal of waste gas


UOP Callidus flare systems are designed to safely combust waste gases, while also meeting your specifications, process criteria and performance requirements. Our flare equipment functions at optimum levels, meeting EPA and international standards, while safeguarding plant and terminal operations. With thousands of flare system start-ups worldwide, you will find our flares and flare systems operating in hydrocarbon processing, oil and gas production, petrochemical processing, and the steel and carbon black industries.

UOP Callidus offers various flare technologies, including:

UOP Callidus also offers flare gas recovery systems (FGRS) for a variety of applications. Our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling capabilities allow you to ‘test’ flares in your facility without having to build and physically test the flare. This can provide valuable information regarding radiation and emission levels around the flare and throughout the facility.

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Custom designed systems for all liquid and waste gases

Thermal Oxidizers

UOP Callidus offers incineration (or thermal oxidizer) systems that are designed to match your specifications, process criteria and performance requirements. Our experienced thermal oxidizer group focuses on meeting your individual engineered requirements. Our broad base of incinerator designs and wealth of experience allow us to evaluate your environmental problems and provide custom designed solutions. UOP Callidus incineration systems are in service in a variety of gas and liquid waste applications including:

Each system is designed and built to meet the highest quality standards and to meet or exceed the latest environmental regulations, including NOx standards.

UOP Callidus provides total system solutions, meaning we can supply all of the necessary equipment needed within your incineration package. This could include any type of heat recovery, such as Waste Heat Boilers or heat exchangers for gas or air. These can be used to create steam for use in other areas of the plant, or to reduce operating costs of the unit. Depending on the waste composition, additional system components may also be required, such as scrubbers, bag houses, or other particulate treatment. In many systems, blowers are required to provide combustion or quench air to the process. Helping you meet your total system needs is what UOP Callidus does best.

UOP Callidus has recently launched the newest innovation in the Thermal Oxidizer industry. The Jade burner from UOP Callidus is the first purpose-designed Ultra-Low NOx Tail Gas Thermal Oxidizer Burner that delivers Ultra Low NOx emissions with no special physical or operational provisions.

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UOP Callidus SCR systems help reduce emissions to meet environmental and regulatory goals

Catalyst SystemsUOP Callidus delivers technically superior emission control products and services to the power, petrochemical and refining industries. Our Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) products utilize state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling, engineering and fabrication techniques. We offer total solutions for the power industry: SCR, CEMS, DARS and DCS. We also offer equipment for new and retrofit applications such as: duct burners, ammonia vaporization skids and ammonia injection grids. International fabrication and service capabilities can meet your needs around the world.

UOP Callidus understands all aspects of SCR processes including:

  • Turbine exhaust gas conditioning
  • Ammonia vaporization
  • Ammonia injection and mixing
  • Catalyst selection
  • Acoustic attenuation
  • Related process control integration

UOP Callidus draws upon vast experience in mechanical, electrical, chemical, process, structural and project engineering, as well as CFD modeling and other technical disciplines to design custom solutions that exceed your requirements.