Pressure Swing Adsorption

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UOP’s Polybed PSA sets the industry standard for H2 purification and recovery


For hydrogen recovery/purification applications where the feed stream is at low to intermediate pressure (<1000 psig) and where downstream process requirements require minimum pressure reduction and high purity hydrogen product, Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology is the process of choice. UOP’s market leading Polybed PSA technology is the result of years of technical innovation and commercial experience. As the industry leader in molecular sieve/adsorbent research and development, UOP combines superior high performance adsorbent technology with innovative process and mechanical design. Process benefits include:

  • The highest hydrogen recovery through the use of proprietary UOP adsorbents.
  • Maximum production of hydrogen due to control systems that automatically adjust to maintain production, even during upset conditions.
  • Lower capital cost due to adsorbent efficiency, process design, and control philosophy
  • Minimal feed pretreatment requirements
  • Long adsorbent life

Benefits of UOP modular purification units

UOP offers Polybed PSA systems as skid mounted, modular units, complete with hardware, adsorbents, and controls systems. UOP does the detailed design and project management, with fabrication completed by a rigorously qualified sub-vendors under UOP supervision. Benefits of UOP supply are:

  • Superior knowledge of upstream and downstream hydrogen requirements and implications – Get the most economical unit in the most profitable application
  • Valves, vessels, and other equipment selected specifically for PSA service
  • On-time, on-spec delivery, easy installation, quick start-up
  • Superior quality control resulting in long-term safe, reliable operation
  • Greater than 99.95% on-stream factor from the rigorous design and selection of the valves and control system.
  • UOP services include pre-commissioning, commissioning, debottlenecking, troubleshooting, upgrades, revamps and optimization services for flawless start-up, smooth operation and optimal performance.

UOP has supplied more than 1,000 Polybed PSA Systems for customers in more than 70 countries.

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