Scheduled Events

Event Name Start Date Location
H2 Plant Symposium (J-M, Technip, UOP) 06/04/2019 United States, North America
IIOT and Digital Solutions for Oil and Gas 06/06/2019 Amsterdam
North American Catalysis Society Meeting 06/23/2019 Chicago, United States
BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology 07/19/2019 North America
China CCR Users’ Conference 09/02/2019 China
China R&P Conference 09/03/2019 China
FCC Users’ Conference 09/16/2019 United States
Russia & CIS Gas to Chemicals Conference (GTCC) 09/19/2019 Russia
Russia & CIS Refining Technology Conference & Exhibition (RRTC) 09/19/2019 Russia
TC Biomass Conference 09/19/2019 North America
AFRC Industrial Combustion Symposium 09/19/2019 North America
Russia & CIS Petrochemcicals Technology Conference & Exhibition (RPTC) 09/19/2019 Russia
LARTC 09/19/2019 Latin America
India Refining, Petrochemicals and Gas Processing Conference 09/30/2019 India
Russia Conference 10/09/2019 Russia
PSA Users’ Conference – Europe 10/15/2019 Belgium, Europe
Elite Petrochemicals Conference 10/19/2019 India
Oleflex Users’ Conference 10/24/2019 Vietnam
Merox Users’ Conference 10/24/2019 Vietnam
European Refining Conference (pre-ERTC) 11/04/2019 Poland
North America Refining, Petrochemicals and Gas Processing 11/04/2019 Canada
Asia Chemical Conference – IHS  11/19/2019 Asia Pacific