Quickly Realize the Value of Natural Gas Assets

Quickly realize the value of natural gas assets

Quickly Realize the Value of Natural Gas Assets

Experts agree that by 2035 global natural gas use will rise by more than 50 percent and account for more than one-quarter of the world’s primary energy demand. In order to prepare for this future, it is vital to develop existing, proven reserves as well as to tap into the world’s vast unconventional gas and oil resources. UOP, a leader in gas processing technologies and modular plants, is focused on providing innovative solutions that enable gas producers to monetize resources quickly, reliably and cost effectively.

Industry Drivers

Natural gas processing & infrastructure growth is strong over next 20+ years

‒ Underlying global gas demand growth of >1.5% per year, reflecting fastest growing hydrocarbon
‒ Total gas investment, including replacement growing at ~5% CAGR
‒ Gas to oil and coal to gas and liquids price arbitrages; pricing on a continental basis
‒ Global LNG required for demand balancing; local LNG for high horsepower and transportation fuel
‒ Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) for chemicals, heating, cooking, and gasoline
‒ Environmental considerations (reduced flaring, CO2 management, particulate emissions etc)


Figure 1. Five-year Global Natural Gas Growth

New gas finds (offshore, unconventional, sub-quality) bring opportunity for innovative solutions

‒ Smaller finds, remote and stranded locations require modular, packaged plants
‒ Wet gas requires NGL separation and management
‒ Lack of infrastructure to move gas leads to LNG for transport to market
‒ Higher levels of gas contaminants leads to CO2, H2S, Hg, N2, He removal technologies

Gas Challenges

Stranded and Remote Natural Gas

New supplies of natural gas are often in remote and difficult site locations leaving vital resources stranded or flared without means of monetization. Traditional field erected solutions cannot always be cost effective and too labor intensive for these locations.

Wet Natural Gas

Not all feedstocks are created equal. Each reservoir of natural gas has its own unique composition, often containing valuable NGLs. Many of these natural gas sources are in shale formations, have uncertain composition, or are so rich in liquids that a recovery solution must be deployed before the gas can be added to pipeline supplies.

How UOP can help?

UOP provides options to help get the most out of your natural gas stream, no matter where it is. UOP builds solutions that are right for your business, your customers, and your feedstock. Selecting a UOP modular gas processing plant helps you to process your gas reserves anywhere in the world at a highly competitive installed cost, and with greater lifecycleprofitability and flexibility.

The UOP line of modular gas processing units offers a broad range of cost-effective technologies and solutions that remove contaminants from shale and conventional natural gas while also recovering high-value NGLs. Through an end-to-end, pre-engineered modular approach, UOP solutions are often ideal for even the most challenging scenarios including remote locations, accelerated project schedules and application to unconventional gas production. The unique modular UOP plant design approach has supported the North American shale gas revolution through both technical and execution advances allowing for faster, easier, and cost effective solutions which enhance lifecycle economics while allowing for later stage flexibility. Backed by an extensive installation list, we have the field experience and technical expertise to provide plants that are designed to be dependable, safe and easy to maintain

Natural Gas Liquids Value

Rapid NGL Recovery Improves ROI

Monetize the widest possible range of natural gas compositions quickly. Installation of a UOP modular plant is up to eleven months faster and with an expected lower capex than the traditional stick-built plant.

Figure 2. Typical Pre-Engineered Plant Timeline


A typical example of revenue associated with NGL recovery with a UOP modular plant is shown below. In the examples below, a 200 MMSCFD plant processing 3 GPM gas (~1,100 BTU/SCF), would yield $7.5 MM per month in revenue net operating costs in the US (Figure 3) and $11.8 MM per month Internationally (Figure 4).

Figure 3. Example of Natural Gas Liquids Value per Month Recovered using UOP Russell modular plant in United States


Figure 4. Example of Natural Gas Liquids Value per Month Recovered using UOP Russell modular plant Internationally


UOP offers a complete portfolio of NGL recovery solutions, including technologies with industry-leading recovery rates. UOP solutions are designed to enable quick and cost-effective recovery of NGLs with proven, pre-engineered modular plants that have the flexibility to adjust to changing feed gas and industry conditions.

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