More Diesel to Reflect A Changing Market

More Diesel to Reflect A Changing Market

More Diesel to Reflect A Changing Market

Market demand for diesel is growing. Optimized process integration and innovative technology from UOP can effectively and efficiently increase your diesel yield from every barrel of crude

The key trends in diesel

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Maximum On-Road Diesel Sulfur Limits

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Forecast Product Demand 2013-2023

  • Diesel/middle distillate consumption represents a primary driver for oil consumption growth over the next decade.
  • In established markets, diesel to gasoline ratios will increase.
  • Sulfur content in diesel fuels will continue to drop from current levels.
  • Strong interest in biofuels continues, but these fuels must be fully compatibility with petroleum-based fuels.

What does it mean for our industry?

The increase in diesel demand and stricter specifications are driving refiners to look for more diesel yield from existing assets as well as new, diesel-selective refining capacity. This trend brings about several processing implications:

  • Hydrocracking is evolving to be the primary VGO conversion process
  • Increased residue conversion brings more cracked middle distillate into the diesel pool.
  • The blending opportunity for low cetane, high sulfur stocks into fuel oil pools is declining.
  • Hydrotreating of virgin and cracked middle distillate streams is growing
  • Hydrogen addition with associated costs is increasing

How can you best address this shift?

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Considerations for Effective Process Integration

The best solutions are refinery specific and require effective process integration. There are several variables to consider:

  • Key unit capacities and severities to achieve desired product pools and specifications without “hydrogen giveaway”
  • Residue upgrading process selection and product upgrading requirements
  • Relative VGO Hydrocracking and FCC capacities and Hydrocracking conversion level
  • Blending opportunity/processing requirements for FCC products
  • Hydrocracking catalyst selection, key to increasing diesel production from existing assets, and product slate from new capacity
  • Maximum reformer hydrogen production, along with downstream recovery and reuse, to minimize net SMR hydrogen production
  • Staged investment strategies to reflect trending product demand and specifications

How can UOP Help?

UOP is an industry leading provider of process technology and catalyst. To help refiners maximize their return on existing assets, we offer a number of solutions:

UOP also offers unmatched capability to bring our customers customized integrated solutions. Our experts will help you to:

  • Increase diesel production from existing assets or new capacity
  • Minimize investment and operating costs
  • Minimize energy consumption and environmental footprint
  • Achieve rapid project implementation

How do I learn more?

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you find more diesel yield.

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