Onshore Gas Processing



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Onshore Gas Processing

UOP’s gas processing solutions can help you monetize your unconventional, remote and conventional onshore gas resources, wherever you may find them. Our complete portfolio of gas processing, NGL recovery, measurement and control solutions are part of an integrated system—helping deliver improved processing efficiency, increased recovery, and safety and security for your natural gas operations.


Worldwide Modular Gas Processing
Learn about how our modular gas plant solutions cover a wide range of products and processes, from treating to deep NGL recovery (4:01, YouTube).


UOP 3D Cryo & Fractionation Interactive
Learn how Honeywell UOP Russell modular plants can process and fractionate NGLs


Natural Gas Liquids Recovery
UOP NGL recovery solutions offer the technology and expertise to solve your gas challenges.


UOP Modular Gas Plant Animation
UOP Modular equipment helps you begin earning revenue more quickly.
Dew Pointing and Dehydration
Dew pointing helps avoid downstream equipment operability issues associated with condensation and liquid slugging and controls the gas heating value. Effective dehydration is critical for LNG transportation to avoid unplanned shutdowns, costly equipment repairs and hazardous working conditions.

Mercury Removal
UOP adsorbent solutions remove mercury from offshore natural gas streams to help protect downstream piping and processing equipment. Deployed in more than 30 applications, the regenerable and non-regenerable systems offer infrequent change-outs, longer adsorbent lifespan, and reduced footprints for smaller vessels to enhance profitability.

Acid Gas Removal
UOP’s proven offshore gas processing solutions offer significant reductions in space and weight to meet end use specifications and lower your acid gas removal costs.