Acid Gas Removal


UOP offers both bulk and selective acid gas removal solutions to efficiently and effectively remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) from the natural gas stream.

UOP’s technologies offer effective contaminant removal upstream of liquefaction to help improve overall performance.

uop-ngl-recovery-smUOP Separex™ Membrane Systems
Remove acid gas and water with minimal operator intervention and maintenance. The modular units are designed to offer faster delivery and lower installation and operating costs.

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Unconventional Gas: Primer and Implications for Gas Processing white paper (Laurence Reid Conference, Feb 2014)
Datasheet:UOP Separex Membrane Elements Datasheet

UOP Benfield™ Process
A thermally-regenerated, cyclical solvent process using low cost solvent, tailored for bulk or trace acid gas removal.

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UOP Benfield™ revamp
UOP provides revamp technologies, UOP ACT-1™ activator, LoHeat™ technology and high-performance packings.



UOP Amine Guard™ FS Process

Protect downstream equipment by reducing carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur components to very low levels. Customized solution for natural gas, synthesis gas and LNG applications. More than 60% of treated LNG in the world utilizes our Amine Guard FS solution.

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UOP Modular Amine plant
Contaminant removal designed to reach low acid gas levels that meet all process requirements and to maximize NGL recovery.

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UOP SeparALL™ Process
Efficiently remove acid gas from synthesis gas streams with a physical solvent. Meet product specifications, protect downstream processing equipment and comply with environmental regulation. Used exclusively in Syngas applications.

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Datasheet: UOP SeparALL™ Process Datasheet


Recover sulfur from gas streams containing 0.3 to 100% hydrogen sulfide with the “best demonstrated technology” for onshore sulfur plant applications, per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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