NGL Recovery


Quick, Reliable Natural Gas Liquids Recovery

Take advantage of our portfolio of NGL recovery solutions to ensure your projects maximize the recovery of high value NGL products at low production costs and downtime — even in remote areas.

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Our modularized packaged plant solution deliver faster on-stream time, lower installed cost and high feed gas flexibility. Sophisticated engineering and modularization techniques combined with a modularized project strategy offer:

  • Reduced construction rework
  • Greater safety assurance
  • Reduced security risk
  • Access to skilled and reliable labor
  • Fast execution
  • Competitive costs


UOP 3D Cryo & Fractionation Interactive
Learn how Honeywell UOP Russell modular plants can process and fractionate NGLs



UOP NGL recovery solutions
offer the technology and expertise to solve your gas challenges.





UOP Modular Equipment
Increase recovery of valuable NGLs through a pre-engineered approach with UOP Russell cryogenic turbo expander, mechanical refrigeration, JT plants and adsorption systems. Modular designs help get your plant up and running faster than a custom-built solution, getting you to revenue more quickly.

Learn more: New International UOP Modular Equipment Brochure


Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. Alliance
Increase recovery of high-value ethane, propane and heavier hydrocarbon components while saving power consumption costs through a cooperative alliance between UOP and Ortloff Engineers. See higher profits and the flexibility to respond to varying economic conditions.

Learn more: Ortloff Engineers: NGL/LPG and Sulfur Recovery Technologies Presentation