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Over 40 years’ experience in petrochemical processes and catalyst knowledge is the basis of the Process Reliability Advisor service for the UOP Aromatics Complex. We help you identify possible root causes and concerns associated with day-to-day operations of your unit using our kinetic process model and fault model.

Bank on our strong foundation of in-depth operational experience in your Aromatics Complex.

Honeywell Connected Plant’s OPTIMIZATION ADVISOR

Optimize your Aromatics Complex to maximize the value of your combined product slate. A typical Aromatics Complex contains multiple highly-integrated process units and distillation columns. Choosing the correct operational settings to bring maximum efficiency and profitability from your unit is easier with Honeywell Connected Plant’s Optimization Advisor.

Several UOP Aromatics Complexes include a UOP CCR Platforming unit to generate the necessary aromatic feed. Honeywell Connected Plant’s solutions for CCR Platforming units can be integrated into the Aromatics Complex solution to facilitate comprehensive service and competitive advantage to your performance.