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C4 olefins at the lowest cash cost of production and highest ROI

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Butylene Production

The UOP Oleflex™ process can be used for the catalytic dehydrogenation of isobutane, normal butane or mixed butanes to make iso, normal, or mixed butylenes. Traditionally, this process has been used throughout the world to enable the production of gasoline blending components such as MTBE, ETBE, Iso-Octene and Iso-Octane. The process can also be coupled with MTBE decompostion technology to allow for high-purity isobutylene production for applications like butyl rubber or other specialty applications.

Today there are eight dedicated  C4 Oleflex units in operation. These units operate with industry leading performance and reliability and have achieved record catalyst life in dehydrogentation service of more than seven years.

The same proprietary design is used in the catalytic dehydrogenation of propane to propylene. The UOP C4 Oleflex process, like our C3 Oleflex technology, provides end-users with the lowest cash cost of production and highest return on investment option available on the market today.

Steam Cracker Crude C4 Processing

Steam cracker crude C4 processing is generally aimed at the production of high-purity mono-olefins, such as Butene-1 or high-purity Butadiene. Technology selection depends on your needs for 1,3 butadiene. Typically, multiple technologies including B-1 recovery are required to produce high-purity B-1. These include selective hydrogenation of butadiene, removal of isobutylene and superfaction.

UOP is a market leader in Butene-1 production with seven Huels Selective Hydrogenation (SHP) and Butene-1 Recovery process units in operation.  Our solutions offer some key advantages:

  • Only single stage MTBE technology in the marketplace that can achieve 99.9%+ conversion of isobutylene to meet Butene-1 specifications.
  • Multiple Downcomer (MD) distillation trays which enable UOP’s offering of Butene-1 technology to lead the marketplace in minimizing investment costs.

The UOP KLP process plays a key role in helping petrochemical producers worldwide meet increasing demands for butadiene.

For an existing petrochemical producer with a two-stage butadiene extraction unit, UOP’s KLP process can be added to increase butadiene yield and crude C4 production capacity with the further benefit of elimination of the hazardous acetylene by-product stream.

For petrochemical producers who want to produce high-purity butadiene, installation of the UOP KLP process enables butadiene production with a downstream single-stage extraction unit to allow for the highest yield of butadiene, lowest butadiene product impurities and maximum inherent safety in operation.

UOP KLP’s process utilizes a proprietary highly selective catalyst, KLP-60. UOP has eight KLP units in commercial operation totaling over 1,000,000 MTA of butadiene production.

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