Green Diesel v. Biodiesel

Honeywell Green Diesel™ and Biodiesel – Significant Differences

Green Diesel made from our innovative Ecofining™ process is chemically identical to diesel made from petroleum, with one significant difference – up to 85% lower greenhouse gas emissions vs. diesel from petroleum, based on UOP’s lifecycle analysis. Unlike biodiesel, also known as fatty acid methyl ester (FAME), renewable fuel made from our technologies can be used in your current diesel engine and there’s no need to blend it with other fuels.

Limitations of FAME:

Corrosion concerns: FAME cannot readily use the existing pipeline distribution network due to corrosion, contamination and metallurgy concerns. As a result, fuel has to move via rail or truck – routes that are more costly and less energy efficient than pipeline distribution.

High density: FAME density is higher than most diesel specifications allow. This means that for each FAME molecule added to the diesel pool, a lighter molecule needs to be removed. This shrinks the overall diesel pool.

Low blend limits: Due to stability and decomposition issues, many car manufacturers have concluded that FAME should be limited to 5-7 vol% of diesel. If this limit is exceeded, many engine manufacturers will void their warranties.

Honeywell Green Diesel is a superior solution:

Use existing infrastructure: Refiners can use existing infrastructure and equipment to produce and transport Honeywell Green Diesel, without significant modification, if any is required.

Lower density: Honeywell Green Diesel is lighter than the average density required of diesel, so when you add a molecule of green diesel, a heavier molecule of a diesel component can be added to compensate. For a refiner, this blending benefit could allow the addition of hydrotreated Light Cycle Oil to enter the pool.

High blend limits: Honeywell Green Diesel can be used at 100% with no blending required in fleet operations or locations without blending restrictions.

The chemistry – comparison of petroleum diesel, biodiesel and Honeywell Green Diesel

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