Ecofining™ Process

Produce renewable diesel or jet fuel based on market demand and price

The Ecofining process is a versatile solution for producing green diesel or green jet fuel from a range of sustainable feedstocks. This allows you to meet regulatory compliance obligations for renewable energy content in the transportation fuels sector, and to produce high-quality fuel that can enhance the quality of petroleum fuels.

Key advantages of the Ecofining process:

  • Feedstock flexible: Process a wide range of oils and fat, without limiting sourcing capability to one type of feed Learn more about feedstocks
  • Reduce costs and risks of compliance: Make renewable fuels instead of buying them
  • High yields: Minimize feedstock consumption
  • Attractive economics – impressive payback: High IRR with moderate capital cost
  • Standalone: Build a new facility
  • Integrated plant: leverage existing infrastructure to reduce capital and operating costs Learn more
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