The future is now.

Refineries in mature markets, like the U.S., are revisiting their business models, asset base and technology options in anticipation of softening demand for fuels and continued strong growth in global petrochemical demand.

Their challenge – how to remain competitive and grow through diversification and improved asset utilization, while hedging against risk in the fuels markets?

Discover how refineries can shift their business model in a strategic, stepwise method to invest in new process technologies that allow them to enter the growing PetChem market.

By targeting the lowest value stream for conversion first – for example, starting with bottom-of-the-barrel conversion, then VGO and distillate hydrocracking to naphtha, combined with an aromatics complex,refiners will access a host of new technologies and create an alternative path to profitability.

With the right retrofit technology and domain expertise, the Refinery of the Future is now within reach.

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