Adsorbents for Coatings, Sealants & Adhesives

Formulating with UOP MOLSIV Powders

Formulating with UOP MOLSIV Molecular Sieve Adsorbent Powders Brochure

Avoid Degradation with UOP Adsorbents

Moisture is the enemy of many coating, sealant, adhesive, and elastomeric products. It can come from pigments, fillers or ambient air during production. Isocyanates in polyurethane-based formulations react with this moisture and generate CO2, which can cause blistering and degradation.

UOP activated powders and pastes are proven to help you combat these issues. Our pastes are a mixture of molecular sieves in castor oil, which simplifies blending with the polyol and other ingredients and dramatically reduces atmospheric moisture pick-up during handling and mixing.

UOP MOLSIVTM adsorbent and activated powders remove moisture to extremely low levels with no unwanted reactions. Use at 1-5% by weight, depending on the starting water concentration in the polyol, pigments and fillers.