Adsorbents for Ethanol


Ethanol Dehydration Adsorbents (brochure)


UOP Adsorbent Solutions

Ethanol Dehydration Solutions

With ethanol production growing rapidly, high-quality, high-performance dehydration molecular sieve adsorbents are critical to help meet production demand.

With unparalleled molecular sieve experience, UOP has developed adsorbents with high water capacity, low reactivity, and proven stability following unit upsets, allowing faster return to on-spec production.

UOP adsorbents are alkali alumino-silicate molecular sieves that selectively adsorb water and exclude molecules, like ethanol.

Ethanol Adsorbents

MOLSIV™ 3A AG Adsorbent – High water capacity molecular sieve to help meet moisture specifications and enable trouble-free operations for ethanol dehydration

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