Adsorbents for Medical Oxygen


UOP Adsorbent Solutions

Breathe Deeply with Adsorbents for Medical Oxygen

UOP developed the first commercially-viable adsorbent for medical oxygen applications more than 30 years ago. Today, UOP’s OXYSIV™ molecular sieve adsorbents help make smaller and more energy efficient medical oxygen concentrators to meet patient needs more effectively.

UOP molecular sieves for medical oxygen applications include:

  • OXYSIV 5XP – Provides efficient performance for stationary and transportable concentrators
  • OXYSIV MDX – Molecular sieve with high N2 removal capacity and selectivity. Optimizes performance for all concentrators, including portables.

In a concentrator, air passes through a packed bed of OXYSIV where nitrogen is adsorbed, concentrating the 20% atmospheric oxygen to 90% or greater.

MDX is a lithium-exchanged molecular sieve that provides twice the nitrogen capacity of earlier adsorbents and permits the design of the smallest, most energy efficient units. This technology has enabled a new class of portable oxygen concentrators.

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