Adsorbents for Natural Gas Processing


Contaminant Removal from Natural Gas Streams

Run a reliable and efficient gas processing plant with UOP adsorbents. Our team of highly skilled experts guides you through the product selection and design process for your specific application. We can help remove contaminants to increase the value of your product streams and protect your equipment. Our global team is an ongoing resource for process optimization suggestions and troubleshooting to help maintain efficiency at your plant.

UOP ARMGuard™ System
Using the existing instrumentation in your plant, ARMGuard helps you optimize your adsorption cycle, reduce energy consumption, confidently operate at variable feed conditions and most importantly, reduce costs due to unscheduled shutdowns.

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Project Experience Interactive Map

Project Experience Interactive

UOP is the global leader in providing molecular sieves and alumina adsorbents. Explore our project experience around the globe by clicking on the Project Experience Interactive map. Choose a natural gas reserve site or UOP Adsorbent solution to see how we’ve helped our customers.

Offshore Gas Animation

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Offshore Gas Animation

Find out about the One Honeywell Offshore Solution and how Molecular Sieve and Alumina based systems are key processing elements.

UOP Adsorbents Support:

  • Dehydration: Meet cryogenic or pipeline specifications
  • Mercury removal: Prevent mercury from damaging equipment with adsorbent in your dehydration beds or in non-regenerative mercury removal units (MRUs)
  • Desulfurization: Remove H2S, mercaptan, COS or sulfides from feed or product streams; configuration optimized based on contaminant level and final product requirements
  • LNG “peak shaving” CO2 removal: Remove water and CO2

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Contaminants Removed

  • Sulfur species (H2S, COS, organic sulfides, mercaptans)
  • Mercury
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Water (Dehydration)
  • Oxygenates


Adsorbent Properties

  • High adsorption capacity and long effective adsorbent life
  • Ability to attain ultra-low contaminant effluent specification
  • Low reactivity, minimized side reactions and reduced coke deposition

Safety & Handling

You can find our safety and handling guidelines on our customer portal.  You will be prompted to register or log in and search for these documents:

  • Safety and Handling Guidelines for UOP MOLSIV Adsorbents
  • Safety and Handling Guidelines for UOP GB Adsorbents
  • Safety and Handling Guidelines for UOP S GB Adsorbents