Adsorbents for Petrochemicals


Purification of Olefin & Polymer Process Streams

Providing solutions for your contaminant issues

Adsorbents are widely used in the petrochemical industry to remove trace contaminants such as water and sulfur in the feed, intermediate and product streams. Using the right adsorbent is critical due to the reactivity of ethylene plant streams.

Our team of highly-skilled experts can guide you through the product selection and design process for your specific application and provide ongoing support, process optimization and troubleshooting to help maintain efficiency at your plant.

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UOP Adsorbent Solutions


Contaminants removed

  • Steam cracker naphtha feed – Hg
  • Steam cracker ethane feed – H­2O, Hg, CH3OH, NH3, CO2
  • Cracked gas in steam cracker – H­2O, Hg, NH3
  • Cracked liquids in steam cracker – H­2O, Hg
  • Ethylene – ethane (C2 splitter dryer) – H­2O, CO2
  • Product Propylene – H­2O, COS, CH3OH, polars, arsine
  • Product Ethylene – H­2O, CO2, Hg
  • Hydrogen – H­2O
  • Polymerization unit feed treatments

Adsorbent properties

  • High adsorption capacity and long effective adsorbent life
  • Ability to attain ultra-low contaminant levels in treated stream
  • Low reactivity, minimized side reactions and reduced coke deposition
  • Optimum physical properties (high crush strength, low attrition and the ability to handle process upsets or non-ideal operating conditions)

Safety & Handling

You can find our safety and handling guidelines on our customer portal.  You will be prompted to register or log in and search for these documents:

  • Safety and Handling Guidelines for UOP MOLSIV Adsorbents
  • Safety and Handling Guidelines for UOP GB Adsorbents
  • Safety and Handling Guidelines for UOP S GB Adsorbents