UOP ARMGuard™ System

Protect Your UOP Adsorbent Investment

Backed by the most experienced technical service team in the world and with more than a century of UOP innovation, the Honeywell UOP ARMGuard™ System effectively monitors the performance of your UOP adsorbent to help ensure that your unit is running efficiently and reliably.

ARMGuard is a remote monitoring system that uses the existing instrumentation in your plant to help you optimize your adsorption cycle, reduce energy consumption, confidently operate at variable feed conditions and most importantly, reduce costs due to unscheduled shutdowns.

UOP ARMGuard™ System

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 The Honeywell UOP ARMGuard™ System can help:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Empower customers to make smarter decisions
  • Avoid costly unscheduled shutdowns and operations at reduced flow
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Achieve ultra-low water effluent to increase NGL production
  • Lengthen adsorbent life
  • Reduce turnaround times

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The UOP ARMGuard™ System is based on continuous operating data collection and analysis using UOP adsorbent models. After installation, the data acquisition system captures data from the adsorbent unit and conducts analysis to determine the effectiveness of operation. ARMGuard can help detect issues and, with the assistance of UOP’s Technical team, changes can be made to improve operation and prolong adsorbent life.
This tool, in real time, can provide useful indicators to help:

  • Detect process upsets and recommend corrective actions to avoid unscheduled shutdowns associated with irreparable adsorbent damage
  • Monitor the operation of the adsorbent and recommend steps to help optimize the operation and reduce utility usage
  • Increase the useful life of the adsorbent