Adsorbents for Windows


UOP Adsorbent Solutions

Adsorbents for Insulating Glass: Clear Reliability

Your entire shipment of windows is returned. The slight fog between the panes of insulating glass has cost you an entire production run that you can’t afford to lose. This is every window manufacturer’s nightmare.

Avoid losing insulation properties with UOP’s molecular sieve adsorbents. Developed for residential and commercial sealed insulating glass, UOP has proven solutions to absorb water and organic solvents in dual pane windows. Keep your windows in the clear with UOP adsorbents solutions.

High capacity UOP MOLSIV™ adsorbents remove and trap water and solvents, helping to maximize the life of your windows.

UOP adsorbent solutions can be ideal for:

  • Window systems with metal spacers
  • Units with a desiccant matrix or polymer spacer
  • Systems that require both water and organic vapor removal
  • Solvent-free systems

In addition to our proven adsorbent products, UOP offers a comprehensive MOLSIVTM Insulating Glass Engineering Services software program.

Developed for a wide range of designs, dimensions, gas filling options and exposure conditions, our software can help you evaluate:

  • Insulating properties
  • Deflection and stress characteristics of insulating glass units
  • Insulation costs